Scott’s Social Media Boot Camp has been presented more than 200 times over the past several years. Clients have included dozens of middle schools, high schools and colleges; high school, college and professional athletes; parents; and corporations and executives.

Scott’s high-energy, engaging presentations are extremely informative and bring home the realities of today’s tough-to-navigate social media landscape.

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Social media boot camp news coverage

“Scott Walker’s Social Media Boot Camp does an exceptional job of presenting the topics of Social Media safety, online gaming safety and the dangers of Cyberbullying in a wonderful age-appropriate and engaging manner for middle schoolers. The underlying message that what you do on social media can not only affect every aspect of your life today but also your future life with respect to high school, college and. one day, industry, helped to open an honest dialog about the students’ digital footprints.”

“Scott’s presentation received rave reviews from both students and faculty. Several teachers told me how eye-opening the information was for them and the students were completely engaged throughout the entire presentation. He gave them tons of valuable information.”

“Scott’s presentation was right on point and very eye-opening for our student-athletes. It was very informative and educational for not only our student-athletes but our entire staff as well. We definitely plan on bringing Scott back in on an annual basis. This is a presentation that would be extremely beneficial to any group.”