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How False Advertising Affects Trust Mikayla Noguiera, a beauty influencer who has 14.6 million followers and 1.2 billion likes on Tik Tok, found herself at the center of controversy (which Tik Tok users cleverly refer to as “Mascara-Gate”) after posting a sponsored advertisement for L'Oreal's...

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Knock-knock. HOO’s there?

Duo, the Duolingo Owl. Duo, the iconic green owl who acts as Duolingo’s mascot, has an active and engaging presence on Tik Tok. Aside from having an adult-sized owl costume, Duo’s popularity primarily comes from keeping up with trends, referencing popular celebrities and engaging with commenters —...

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Quality v Quantity: Which Is More Important?

If you could flood your feed with 5-10 posts a day taken on your personal phone, would that be better than one perfectly curated image that you paid a professional to produce? With the rise of short form, fast-paced content, as well as algorithm changes happening monthly, it’s hard to nail down what’s working on the internet to grow your audience and increase sales. 

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