I lived in Mobile for seven years and worked at WPMI, the NBC affiliate there. My wife and I moved there shortly after we got married in 2000 and had our first child at Mobile Infirmary. Jack is now 13 and at the beginning of crafting his digital footprint. Whether today’s young people know it or not, they’re a diving into the digital world head first and leaving a mark that will follow them into adulthood.

I know a 5th grader just hopping into the social media fray isn’t thinking about the possible future consequences of what he or she is posting today, but the danger is very real. My Social Media Boot Camp aims to set children on the right path at a young age so they don’t screw up when they’re older. I liken their early exposure to various social media platforms to being tossed into the deep end of the pool when they don’t know how to swim

The students I met this week at St. Ignatius Catholic School were engaged and sharp. They had great questions and craved knowledge about social media. The foundation is poured now for them and, in most cases, it’s not a good pour. I hope to open their eyes to the great benefits of proper social media use, but also the tremendous risks associated with it. Thanks to WRKG’s Devon Walsh for covering my visit

Not only did I meet with the attentive students at St. Ignatius, but I was also able to speak, a couple of days later, to the Mobile chapter of PRCA about rebranding after a career change. They were a great audience and I got to see a lot of familiar faces that I hadn’t seen in a number of years. 

Mobile is a special place for us, so to be able to spend a few days there made for a really good week.